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Hey guys, I am sorry for no posts in the last few..weeks?

With Work being crazy, working out, and family life it has been hard to fit poker in on a consistant basis. I have still been playing, but not with the hours everynight I used to. Sometime I go days without playing, and it sucks. But until I learn how to manage this time better or things slow down a bit it looks like I will be playing more ‘for fun’. This means I will play by feel, playing the game type I feel like playing that day. It may be Sngs, cash, tournies..or hell a whole new game entirely. Until I get things going consistant again I feel this will help keep me in it and interested.

Please do keep stopping by, I will try to post at least once a week since not much is going on. Hopefully things will go smoother in the winter.

Thanks to all of you for being here for me. I still look in on your blogs to see how you all are doing.



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505 and New Challenge

I do not have the workout documents in front of me so I won’ t be as detailed this time. I will however do so if it requested. One milestone I will remark on is I did work up to a 505lb single squatting. This was a huge moment for me.

As far as poker it is again another slow week. I am going to be working overtime pretty much everyday for a little bit. I want to make a new challenge to help keep things fresh for me. I am not doing away with my current, I will just set it in the background and bring something else forward. I will decide for sure what this is in another day or so, stay tuned.

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No Poker, but a Workout.


No poker tonight due to unforseen circumstances. I am biting at the bit to play so hopefully tomarrow will bring more free time.


key: set x rep (poundage)

Ok as promised here was my modified Westside Workout today.

Max Effort Lift: Bench Press with the bar starting near my chest 1×5(225), 1×5(245), 1×5(255), 1×5(265), 1×5(275)

I will explain this. I bench pressed inside a power rack today with the pins set near my chest so that I start the lift at the bottom of the movement instead of the top. Why? you may ask…My “sticking point” in this lift is in the bottom area. When I go for a max, if I get stuck it is neat my chest, so doing this will help strengthen that part of the movement.

I also have to say this was a bitch. My shoulders were killing me after this. Also I am damn proud I got 275 for 5 with this. Starting at the bottom is hard as hell.

Supplemental Lift: Incline DB Bench-4×10 (50’s). Yes 50lb DB’s are awful light compared to what I had just done but my shoulders couldn’t take much more at the time.

Horizontal Row: Bentover Barbell Rows- 1×6 (135), 1×6(155), 1×6(175), 1×6(185), 1×6(195), 1×6(205). I am a little dissapointed in this lift, I would like it to be near if not the same as my bench.

Rear Delt/Upper Back Work: Rope Pulls to Throat- 3×10(45) – another weak lift but I was wore out, this will get better as I get used to the work load.

Ab Work: I chose a couple of different ab excercises and did 3×10. I despise ab work.

For now this will be 3 days a week with the weights. Tomarrow I will try to get in a cardio routine and hit a leg routine Wed.

Also a look into the near future..Saturday me and a buddy will be getting together(hopefully every saturday) and doing various GPP work. We will be pulling wheelbarrow bodies filled with sandbags up hills, dragging accross rough terrain, and anything else we can think of with bardge rope. We will also be using the bags to do farmers walks and fireman carries.

Well thats it for now, thanks.

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Rank EvilOrly!

Just kidding, but i did do well in an MTT today. I played the 12pm 1k Garuntee at UB for a 5.50 buy in. There was a 245 man field and 4 hours later I took 3rd place for $134. Pretty nice for a low limit grinder like myself. The hand that did me in had 14 outs to win so I thought it may be time to push. I missed , oh well that is fine, I am not dissapointed at all. This is my best placing in an MTT.

Tomarrow I will be back at the cash games. I took most of last week off and hopefully I will be nice and fresh. I am working on a 100 bonus at bekinfofpoker. This is a Boss media site and it is one of the few that is doable at the micro limits. This bonus is a 10x bonus but at microlimits that’s fine.

I am also going to start posting my workouts on here for the hell of it. Maybe some others out there like to workout as well and would like to trade secrets and notes.

Also if you look at my sidebar, this is the most I made in 1 week…thanks to that MTT.


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A New Direction and New Readers.

No I don’t mean a new game or hobby, but a more informative blog. I would like to ‘move up a level, I want you to come here and maybe leave with some new knowledge. I am not a great writter, so I hope you get my meaning. I am growing past the point where I want to come here just to post waht I did for the day or how much I sucked. I will do some brain storming the next few days and see what I can come up with. If you have any suggestions let me have them.

I also want to welcome 2 new readers to my blog who I hope leave many comments and end up making blogs themselves. Let me introduce (ladies first) Punky99. She is a SnG mistress of the dark and someone who I have come to value their opinion. You can often find her at Ultimate Bet beating the hell out of some young punks who try to steal her blinds.Ā  Next let me introduce xSneakyKatx, another player who I value the opinion of. This guy can play more than just your everyday Holdem. I am still waiting on that PLO8 video šŸ˜‰ . He is also doing a BR rebuild at UB after having to fund a home emergency. These two are great assests and I welcome them to contribute here anytime.

Well like I said any ideas let me know.

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I’m Still Here!

Well Monday I took off completely and didn’t even think about poker. Today I came back and did a bonus at grandbay, a Prima site. This place has a refer a friend bonus added onto a deposit bonus. I believe its 30 for each and 100 raked hands wins them both. I got a referal from a friend at Cardrunners, I played .50/1 Limit and with bonus and winnings I am 86 bucks richer. I won’t add this onto my sidebar until they actually release the funds to my account. Also I didn’t have PT to record hands so my hand totals will be inaccurate. Now this is Prima and in the begining of my poker career I hated it, but tonight I loved it. I am a better player now and I 3 tabled this on my laptop in mini view and the players were some of the worst I ever seen! I took some bad beats of course with such bad players but they also paid you off with anything! They called preflop raises with any 2 and would often call to the river with bottom pair. I loved it! Now I hear the NL play is similar at Prima but honestly that scares mebecause I seem to lose a ton of money against those kinds lol. Anyway this makes me think about going for that Prima rakback offer some of us know about.

Well I am going to sign off for now, catch ya later.

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Moday and WillHill bonus

Well I didn’t do my normal routine today, I decided to go for the WillHIll monthly bonus.The bonus came out to 95USD somewhere around there and you have to play 1/2limit or .50/1 NL tables. This is more than I am used to and I’ll behonest I was a bit scared. I 4 tabled these and one session I played limit and another I played NL. I have to admit if it wasn’t for the bonus I would have lost my ass. I always hear this place is full of tightwads but I have to say it was the complete opposite. Maniacs everywhere and suckouts galore. I took many many bad beats and I am lucky I came out with what I did. I ended up $32 in the clear. Dissapointing considering how much the bonus was but at least it is in the positive. If the bonus goes back to the normal amount I am not sure that I will try it. The lower amount won’t cover all those suckouts.

I played some FCP and made almost a buy in as well this morning.

Well that was pretty much all I did today.

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First off I will touch on last night. It did not go so well. I was pretty card dead at all 4 tables and couldn’t catch a break. I lost almost a buy-in. Next, this morning, was just like yesterday morning, I won that buy-in back. Whatever the reason, I am doing better at this particular site in the AM hours. I feel more in control of the table and thus more confident. Is the solution to just play FCP in the morning time? Now this would be hard during the week, I would have to get up even earlier than I already do. I think the best solution is to learn how to beat the evening players, but I am not sure how to do so. I may be thinking too much, this may be just some varience hitting me in the eveneing time the last couple of days or it could be complete different styles of players playing. So far to me the seem alot more aggressive at night and I am not sure how to handle that. Most say sit back and wait for hands…but like last night I was card dead so I had nothing to fight back with. The night before I got pwned and I had some good cards.

Well that’s it for now, catch ya’ll later.

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Licked My Wounds

OK folks, I am done licking my wounds. Time to fight back. I got up this morning at 8 and logged into FCP and started to do some damage control. Mostly Euopeans on at this time and seemed like the play fit my style better. I didn’t come accross tons of maniacs but bad players none the less. I 3 tabled and came out with about 30 bucks ahead at the end of the hour. I then had to log off, family got up and wanted breakfast.

I came accross an e-mail from Will Hill, they are offering a 50GBP bonus this month instead of the usual 25. The requirements are the same and this equals to aboutĀ  95 USD if the converter I used was correct. I have not done the Will Hill bonus before but I believe this is to good to pass up. This is doable at 1/2 limit or .50/1 NL. I may stick with limit on this, or buy in short in NL, I am undecided…suggestions from you all will be great.

thanks for all your support

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Well what can I say…I lost $87.72 in the last 2 days, 34 on UB and 53 on Full Contact Poker. Today, the first hand I played on FCP I lost a buy -in…im not happy. I am not titltingĀ  in a steaming way, just pretty fuckin’ depressed.Ā  I am now negative money on my goal.

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