Learning to Crawl Before I Walk

EvilOrly\’s Poker Journey

The Baby Steps

I have decided that a small step needs to be added into my poker regiment and that step is this blog. One thing I have noticed when trying to obtain a goal is to set it in stone. Put it right in the open where the whole world can see and your results are starring you in the face. This helps keep one honest with themself and the results, good or bad , are right here for everyone to see, a little extra motivation if you will.

This method, in another form, worked very well for me when I wanted to lose weight. I figured out how many calories, fat, carbs, and protein I needed to support my workout while keeping as much muscle as possible and losing the fat. Guess what? It worked. The road was long and hard but I ended up 100lbs lighter and strong as a bull. Of course now I let some things get in my way, stress me out and I ended up gaining weight later on and I have no one to blame but myself. You could say I went on tilt, I do know though if I ever decided to get off my lazy ass and accomplish this goal again it is possible and I know exactly how to do it.

Now I didn’t mean to get off subject but my experience in this I believe can transfer over to my poker goals. I will be posting here results and numbers for my friends and all to see. Hopefully they will comment and help me continue through the rough times and make me a better profitable player.

Since this is July 1st and the blog is brand new today, I will start fresh. I have been playing fairly serious with real cash money for the last 6 months but I will not post old stats or talk of old items. This is a fresh start and I hope to make it a good one.

Now for my goals:

I am not planning to be a pro player, though if it happens I get so good I can’t help it I sure wont argue 🙂 .

What I do want is extra money. I want to make my family’s quality of life better, have money for my child’s education, a retirement fund for me and the wife, and to buy lots of TOYS!!!

That is it in a nutshell, but I must crawl first. I need to build my bankroll enough to start withdrawing to do these things and this is where the long hard road starts.


July 1, 2006 - Posted by | Poker


  1. Looking forward to seeing your progress and reading your blog. Good luck!

    Comment by titans01 | July 2, 2006

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog. I had to return the favor. I wanted to start with your first post to see where you were coming from. So you’ve been at this blogging thing for almost two months, huh? That’s awesome. That gives me inspiration.

    Sounds like you got off on the right foot, with the right attitude. I agree that sharing your progress with others, making some sort of commitment, does make you more accountable. Already I have been affected by the knowledge that I will eventually report on my own play to others in the form of my blog.

    Well, I’m adding you to my bloglines, evilorly, so I can keep up with your posts.

    Wishing you success on the tables!

    Comment by blackscribe | August 20, 2006

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    Comment by diet pill discount cheap shipping free free | June 4, 2007

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