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$1,000 Challenge

I have decided to use an idea a buddy of mine had at his blog Three-Bet Donkey . Except mine is on a much smaller scale. I plan on using my current bankroll to build $1,000 more on top of it. My bankroll is small now, I do not want to publish it for privacy’s sake but I will say it is well under the number I set for the goal.

The rules are simple, make $1k using any form of poker (limit, nl, SnGs, tournies, so on and so forth) at anytime, along with bonuses and or rakeback.
I work fulltime and have other obligations, so I will give myself more time than what some may wish for themselves. The deadline I set is Sept. 3, 2006. This will give me two full months to succede or fail. Once this is complete I will make a new challenge with tougher goals.

Wish me luck!!!


July 3, 2006 - Posted by | Poker

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  1. Thanks for a lovely site, I am very impressed 🙂

    Comment by The Best | March 3, 2007

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