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Well I have played several sessions the last few days of 25NL cash games, mostly at pokerroom clearing a bonus and to get Pokeroffice for free. I have to say I have been knocked on my ass. I can’t seem to finish ahead for the day since I started playing NL cash games. Somtimes it’s bad beat, sometimes it is my donk plays and sometimes the least expected happens, for example, today I hit the nut full house and I run into quads with it. These plays I lose alot of money on and the pots I win are to small to make up for it. This has caused a downshift in my bankroll and I am going to have to play more stable (for me) games. This means more SnGs and more Limit Holdem. Hopefully I can build my bankroll up with these games and still get some NL practice in without it ruining my challenge. The way its going though I will be broke instead of ahead when its over with if I stick with NL.

I played a few SnGs today to help bring my negative numbers up, while I didn’t have enough time to play as many as I needed to at least break even, it at least helped.  Speaking of SnGs I was just in one and everytime this guy got beat by a player he cussed them up and down telling them how much they suck yadda yadda. This also included me LOL. Do these people think they hurt my feelings talking to me over the net like this? Dumbasses. I ended up heads up with the guy but I didn’t draw out the cards I needed in the end and so I took second. I am sure he felt good that all of us suckout kings didn’t prevail over him.

I also got to chat with Muddywaters today in the Cardrunners chatroom, really nice guy. He let me know that there would be more micro limit videos comming our way and I was glad for obvious reasons!

Well anyway before I go my balance is listed to the right.

I would post numbers but Pokertracker freaked out and will not get my Pokerroom hand histories anymore…


July 6, 2006 - Posted by | Poker

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  1. Sorry to hear about the NL. If you need some help let me know. PokerRoom updated their software and PT is working on getting it to work. I had the same problem with Hollywood last night.

    Comment by titans01 | July 6, 2006

  2. Let me get my BR back in order then I may look you up 🙂

    Comment by evilorly | July 6, 2006

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