Learning to Crawl Before I Walk

EvilOrly\’s Poker Journey

Uh oh, Do I See Light?

Well I am still digging away at the hole but I do see light. I got up super early this morning to take the family to the zoo that is 2.5-3 hours away and spent the day there and came back. I rested while watching a movie then decided to play some.

I wanted to see what my strategy like was on partypoker SnGs so I went there first. I played an $11 SnG instead of a $5+1, figured if I am going to pay the same amount of rake I may as well play the 10’s. I started playing and the beeper wanting you to make a decision went off awful fast, I looked up and was like ‘oh shit!’ I accidently got into a turbo. Well I ended up placing second so that wasn’t to bad. I then played a normal $11 SnG when KK came into my hand and I ended up all in against AQ and you guess it the A came in on the turn. I was the second person out, oh well I can’t win them all. Next I go back to pokerrrom and decide to play two at once. I single table alot and I need to get into multitables. I started the first $5.50SnG waited 15 minutes then started a second. It wasn’t so bad but I ended up bublling the first and outright losing the second. I don’t know if playing two at once had any effect on that or not, I really wasn’t getting much in cards at all either. So cashed 1 out of 4, guess it could be worse. Also I am pretty tired and probably should have just stopped for the night after I played at party.

Now I decide to play 5 max .50/1 Limit Holdem at Pokerroom. Boy did I walk onto a juicy table or what. I admit the deck hit me pretty hard, I got trips, full houses, and two pair quite a bit. these guys though just did not learn to get out of my way when I put in a raise, but hey I am not complaining. Unfortuantly the table broke pretty soon and I decided to quit for the night since I am about to fall asleep while I type this.

Anyway new stats are on the right.


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