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…Beat the ever loving shit out of someone.  I lost what I won at Pokerroom, no big deal…it wasn’t a huge gain anyway and can be expected. Titans01 let me know the Pokerroom bonus isn’t that great at my level and that it would take forever. I agree, I was there for the free PokerOffice anyway and I got my points for that. I am $50 bucks in the hole there but thats ok as well, if you count the cost of PokerOffice, in a sense I am $30 bucks ahead.

Now I go on to read where I may want to play next. I have a pending bonus at Pokerstars so I decide maybe I should go there for a bit. I keep reading how the $6.50 turbos are great to play for building a roll. I read strategies and watch video over at Pokerfox  on exactly this level. All the strats and vids agree on the same way to play and it so happens it is the way I been playing anyway. So great!!! I play my first one, start with a $3.40 buy in. I get in late position, AA around the 5th hand or so, I make a big preflop raise and get 1 caller. The flop comes, all junk, he checks…I go all in. He waits forever then calls with 9 7. He has a pair of 9’s. Then he hits a 7 on the river. WTF, first call a big bet with 9 7 then call an all in with a pair of 9’s??? Ok, so usually I want a player like this to do just what he did. Next I buy into a $6.50, I get T T, still fairly early. A standard raise is made with 1 caller before it gets to me and I’m thinking I am getting in the right price to see a set. Walla a set is there for me on the flop, which also includes an Ace. Check, check, I go all in. The original bettor calls and the other guy folds. Cards flip over he has KK. OK another silly move by the other person, the Ace didn’t scare them at all. Turn comes a K.

‘Nuff said.

I hung around a second before I closed the window out just starring in disbelief. One person at the table told the winner of that hand ‘nh’ and he replied ‘I caught the miricle king but I just couldn’t lay that down’  wtf? couldn’t lay it down? do you need bifocals??? there was an Ace sitting right there!

2 plays I believe I played 100% correct and 2 plays that lost me the SnGs. Yes I admit I am tilting right now, that is why I am typing this and not playing.

I am starting to question things now. I been in a slump before where things did not work out and I worked through it. It is starting to get rough now, I feel like I am spinning wheels and not going forward. Where my BR is at right now is what I won a long time ago. Everytime I get ahead from this point I just end up back here again. This is really frustraiting.

I buy all these damn books, somewhere around 15 at the moment, I belong to a couple of pay training sites and I got buddies who are good at this, and I feel as if I understand what I am being taught. Yet, I still seem to get my ass handed to me every goddamned day. The bad part is I love playing the game, I want to play constantly. Some would say take a break, I have done that in the past and I don’t feel like it worked. I also don’t believe a break is in order yet, I really don’t get that much play time in, just a couple hours here and there. I been on more this past week because I am on vacation.

I will make a real update tonight, I just really needed to vent right now and the wife doesn’t understand so there ya have it.


July 8, 2006 - Posted by | Poker


  1. Hang in there, this happens to all of us. Just surf around and read poker blogs and you get a feel for the ups and downs of the game. Writing on your blog instead of playing is a good idea though when you feel that tilt coming on. One last thing. I would probably try and pick one thing and work on improving it. Nothing wrong with playing something different here and there but maybe focus on one. Since you’ve had this bog you’ve played NL ring, limit ring, and SnGs. Just my 2 cents. Good luck, keep grinding and it will turn around.

    Comment by titans01 | July 9, 2006

  2. just a quick hello and congratulations to your nice website ! i’ll visit you again!

    Comment by click | May 20, 2009

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