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July 10th

Even though this is offically July 11, I am filing it under the 10th πŸ™‚ .

I really didn’t play much today. I did that casino bonus and spent time with the family. We went grocery shopping and I bought a magazine I never seen before called DEAL. It was ok, I haven’t got to read everything in it yet, but I like what I see so far. Fox apparently wrote a couple articles for it, one being a headsup article and it will be one of the first I check out tomarrow. The bad thing is the magazine is $10, I am guessing because it comes with a cd with a ton of poker software demos…all of which can be obtained on the net. I also noticed there is not a whole lot of advertising in it like you see in the others, now that I am impressed with, and I guess brought the cost up some more.

I did play a small amount just now at stars, 10NL 6 max. The play was super weak but I could not catch many hands, not even mediocre ones. I got a hand finally QQ and got it heads up with a guy. He had position on me but thats something someone like him has never heard of. Flop is 7 x J. Now seeing this guy play I know he is a moron, and he has more than a buy in, so I already decided I wanted to get him all in on this flop, he loves top pair. I bet pot, he reraises, now I guess you can say I got a read on him, I know he has a J. I push all in…he sits and sits then calls. Turn…9, River..8..runner runner straight. Suprisingly I didn’t tilt, I just rebought, continued and hoped to get all in again with him.

After awhile of being patient I get JTs on the button. Me and him heads up again.Flop X X J, He bets, I can’t remeber how much, I call. Turn…T, I got him now. He bets again, once again I just call…River..X, he bets, I reraise all in…he calls. He has JQ and I get my money back πŸ™‚ . Then he calls me a suckout…lol. I hardly ever talk in chat but this time I had to. I said ‘I don’t think you have any room to talk after that runner runner you pulled earlier’ and he didn’t say anything else about it after that.

Even though I am only up 30 cents after my 45 minutes tonight I still feel good that I was able to take back what was mine with some patience.

And on a side note before I head to sleep, I now have the BR once again to play 25NL, yipeee!


July 11, 2006 - Posted by | Poker Blogs

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  1. Keep it up (like I do :-)) Great site – loved the bit about yourselves.

    Comment by Maryland | January 10, 2007

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