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Swell Night

I didn’t get rich tonight, but it was a good night emotionally. I first had a semi bad run at stars, then I decided to deposit into party for the 20% bonus they sent me before it was to late. The run at party wasn’t  bad. I had a friend ghost me and give me some insight to how I was playing. I got some information that I believe will add to my game. The praise on how my games wasn’t to bad was also good on my confidence that was starting to swelter. I am already a 5th of the way done for my party bonus and am even up a little, so a decent night all around.

I got to keep at more than one table to help my varience. So that is a mini goal now, try to run at least 2 tables for now.


July 12, 2006 - Posted by | Poker Blogs


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