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Well my first table game at UB was the $4,000 guarantee, the buy in was $5.50 and the participants were just above 800. I thought this is a decent tournament for a low buy in to play. I made final tables with more people before and the payout for this if I did make it to the final table would help my cause a lot. Well I lasted until about 20 minutes before the second break and I busted.AKs, then AJ were the last two hands I played. I did well at first, got an early lead but then just couldn’t get hands that were playable this early in the tourney; of course many played worse hands lol. I was about 100 from the money (90 paid) when I busted. I believe this tourney is not only cashable but winnable . It looks like it runs every night at 8pm central. I will probably play these maybe twice a week if that to break up the grind. I may have to watch a tourney vid or 2 and get some tips.

Now on to the real meat, cash games. Before I go to far let me just say this software is fast as hell. I datamined several tables for about 45 minutes before I played. I will say you won’t see the same high table vpip as at Party but I did find a couple that were not bad. I picked two tables and it was very hard to keep up with speed wise. One table went dead after a short time so I just stayed on the one. Honestly, I didn’t have time to look for another unless maybe I sat out for a minute.

The table I was at had two guys; one on each side of me with several buy-ins in front of them, the one to my right had 6 buy-ins! TheVPIP on these guys were insane though, 71.6 on the left and 82.1 on the right, the rest of the table was 30 and below. I am guessing the table let these two run over them before I got there. Anyway I sit around for a little bit and see what kind of hands these guys are showing down and seeing what pops up on pahud for mucked hands and now I can just read these guys like a book. The software itself makes me naturally want to be LAG and I play like how I been wanting to play all along. To bring it to an end, in about an hours time the table started dying off and so I ended my session. In that hour I made about $40. It may just be a lucky night, time will tell, but I feel I played to my potential tonight. Also I wonder if the tighter nature of the players on this site just makes the LAG style a bit better than on places like party.



July 17, 2006 - Posted by | Poker Blogs


  1. Good to see your doing well at UB. I love the software at UB as well but I don’t have rakeback there so it’s not worth it. How’s the bonus clearing for you?

    Comment by titans01 | July 18, 2006

  2. It seems like it is doing ok, I havent played a ton yet, had some time constraints last couple of days..going for a good session tonight. PT said I have played 250 total hands(roughly 2 hours) and 4 bucks of the bonus has cleared so far. It doesn’t look to bad looking at it like that , but I don’t know the math on how to figure it out like bonuswhores does.

    Comment by evilorly | July 19, 2006

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