Learning to Crawl Before I Walk

EvilOrly\’s Poker Journey


Well tonight’s session was shorter than I had wished. No, not because of a big lose, but because of table selection. I left PT on while I was at work so I could come in here and quickly get to work with accurate table VPIPs. I quickly found 3 tables with 40 VPIP or above and sat. Three tables at UB is pretty damn fast and I admit I had some trouble keeping up but fortunatly I believe no mistakes were made because of it, just something I will have to get used to. The three table session made its way down to two tables as one of the tables emptied not to long after I sat. As I played the other 2 I tried finding a third but either they were full, empty, or all short stacks. As play went along I was up and down. came up with AA and down with KK running into a set of Q’s all in preflop. I messed with this for about 45 minutes then the tables were just dead. I ended up a few dollars ahead and took a break. About a half hour later I started again trying to two table, no go. Once again I couldnt find more than one decent table. So I just sat in a single table. It had a few stacks in it that were around max buy in range and a short stack. I get QQ and reraise pot, shortstack goes all in and I think to myself he has AA or KK I will just have to pay him off. I call he has 5 7, I win. He rebuys again short. Few hands later he goes all in again and I have KA, This time I am a little more uncomfortable, maybe he got lucky? Well again I figured I needed to call since it was 10 bucks and nobody else in the pot. He has K 2, I win, he then leaves and the table dies shortly after.

It looks like UB is best played daytime / primetime. I will just have to deal with it the rest of the week since I work second shift and am not available during those hours. Good thing is that next week I start my new position and will be a 7 – 4 worker and will be around during fishing season.

I can’t complain to much at all, conditions were not optimal but yet tonight I finished  +$30 and some change (25NL). This is a huge turn around so far from what was going on, lets just keep it going.


July 19, 2006 - Posted by | Poker

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