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EvilOrly\’s Poker Journey

Slow Night

Nothing much happened to night in winning or losing. I am up a little.

I watched a 25NL video from Mkind at Cardrunners (member contribution area), and it was pretty good. His first video messed up so he redid it in the pokertracker replayer and it turned out pretty decent. I suggest watching it.

Bdog also did a 25NL video but no sound and I can’t stand that, so I barely turned it on. On the same note he also made an SnG video but his mic is turned down so low it cannot be heard with everything on my computer turned up to max.

Remember if you make a video make sure the mic is turned up in all the proper places including the windows volume control and if you need it turn on the mic boost. I have not messed with camtasia much but I am sure there are settings there as well. When I do make a video I test out a very short segment first to make sure it runs properly.

Speaking of videos I am thinking about making one this weekend for critique purposes. I will try to make it no longer than 20 minutes and maybe you guys will watch and tell me good and bad points.

I will be glad when next week comes and I get on a daytime shift, these short stack tables I believe is hurting what I could be making on nights like tonight.

As you can see on the left I need to be way ahead of where I am to complete my goal, but I believe with some work it is doable.

well thats it for my rabling tonight lol, GL at the tables.


July 21, 2006 - Posted by | Poker

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