Learning to Crawl Before I Walk

EvilOrly\’s Poker Journey

Early Night

Well I am calling it in early tonight because I am now going to be working a day job. I only got to play for less than an hour today. At first I started on two 50NL tables by accident. I know sounds dumb but with my screen resolution so small I had a hard time reading it on UB. Once the tables died down I left and went to 25NL tables. I lost 12 bucks on the 50NL tables just by normal play, no biggies. I ended up on two 25NL tables, immediatly got up 10 bucks on one just by picking up small pots then on the other table I sucked out on a guy holding AA. He slowplayed it preflop so really it was just bad play by him. I would have folded to a bet preflop in that particular hand. Anyway with covering for the $12 lose and of course losing small pots here and there I ended up 8 bucks ahead for roughly 45 minutes play.


July 23, 2006 - Posted by | Poker

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