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I am kind of thinking about testing out a win stop. Once I win X amount of dollars I stop for the day. I know I know, they say if you are running good to stay at it and keep raking it in. That doesn’t happen often with me. Once I win around a buy in, I end up losing it and/or more before the day is over. I had an ok session earlier today, winning almost a buy in. I play some more, not much is going on either way and I stop the session and do some errands. I come back tonight, can’t find a 25nl table at UB so I go to the 10NL. I procede to lose two buy ins, my Ace high straight against a full house and my AA vs K3. Of course the first was an unlucky situation and the second a bad beat but that is not what I am upset about. I am upset that I keep taking several steps back to my one step forward and can’t seem to keep momentum. I am not feeling bad about my play like I was in the beginning of the blog, maybe I am still not getting enough hands in to clear the varience.

On another note, what the hell is up with all the short stack ninjas? On UB it is getting very hard to find a table that had anywhere near full stacks. That is why I had to move to 10NL tonight, every table that had a seat open had all small stacks, hell alot of them , if you added all the stacks on the table together didn’t even equal a full stack! I think these poker rooms need to make it where you have to buy in at the max amount.

Speaking of short stacks, I am also tired of seeing these guys buy in short, have a VPIP of (literally) 90% and then end up with a $100 or more. These guys raise every hand preflop, and bet at least the flop and turn no matter what their cards or other’s image. Then unless you flop a monster you have to let them get away with it. I stayed in a game with one of these guys for an hour and half last night just waiting to get a hand to bust him with, man what a time to go card dead. I did not get a single playable hand in any position. In the 10% of the time the guy would fold I would jump in and steal what I could. Yes I know these guys will be broke soon but its not looking like I am going to be the bennificiary of their donations.

This looks like a rant night ;). I was reading a thread on Pocket 5’s the other day about some guy with a small bankroll (can’t remember the exact figure), 100-1,000, somewhere in those lines; went on a lucky streak, played some of the bigger NL cash games and drove his BR up to 85k. Then like an idiot he did not drop back down once he saw the varience come back around and lost 40k of that. I could never move up in limits like that because money means too much to me. I would love to have the balls to go on a rush and jump up and take advantage of it and no I wouldn’t do like this guy, I have intelligence and common sense. But it won’t happen because I don’t have it in me to do so. It seems you hear stories like this alot, these damn kids pull stunts like this and then go bragging about their BR. Here I am struggling 7 months in and these guys make more in a year their first year than I do at my full time job. Surly they are just riding some luckbox wave , I refuse to believe they are all that good at this sick game.

OK done ranting, I bet you are glad, but hey I have to get it out somewhere.

I have 3300 hands in for the month so far, I know its not much to you guys. I am sure some get that in a week easy,maybe even in a little more than a day, but I am working on it. I would like to hit 5k hands by the end of the month and once I do, I will do a PT workover like Titans01 did. I would do it now but I would be afraid the sample is to small.

BTW, I am still enjoying Ultimate Bet, I jsut need to get my shit together and find a way around these short stacks.

Thanks for listening and commenting, I appreciate all the support I can get.


July 23, 2006 - Posted by | Poker


  1. Hey Calizza,

    I checked out your blog, I like it. I have already added it to my links.

    I just had a couple questions, what was your starting BR for your $1k goal? Also, I added you to my buddy list on UB, next time I see you on there, I will drop in and say hi. GL at the tables.

    Comment by PokerBen | July 23, 2006

  2. Well I have never been a big fan of Win stops but if your the type of player that plays too loose with a big stack then thats ok I guess (this is actually a form of tilt itself). Loss stops are ok if your prone to tilting. I would say if you do put a win stop, make it at least 2 buyins. I know Phidelt does this for $200NL. He has a $500 win stop.

    Yesterday would be a good example of why I wouldn’t want a win or loss stop. I got on a really good table and made just over $400 profit at it playing $100NL. For the day I was up almost $900 but $500 of this was a bonus so basically you could say that all my profit for the day came from this one table.

    Digging a little deeper here is what the last week looked like for me.
    Sunday: +938
    Monday: +278
    Tuesday: +190
    Wednesday: +630
    Thurday: -320
    Friday: -368
    Saturday: +896

    So it I had a win stop in place I would of cost myself several hundreds of dollars on Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday. In the end it’s a personal preference and it’s up to you. I would say base your stops more on how your playing and your mental state. I myself have tilted more than once this last week and cost myself a few hundred bucks. Maybe look back at your days and see if a win stop would really help.

    Comment by titans01 | July 23, 2006

  3. Thanks Ben, I will get back to you privatly.

    I am pretty sure I am playing the same game I had been playing when I do get up. In the 2 hands that I lost in the original post, I would have played those hands the same way if I were up or down. I will be looking back and making sure but I am pretty positive that my play hasn’t been changing to ‘winners tilt’. Another thing is I hardly ever win 2 buy ins in a day, that is sad I know but it is the truth…1 buy in in a day has been considered a good day. I am going to set a day aside this week and work on finding my holes, I am sure there are plenty to be found. Until then no winstop.

    Comment by evilorly | July 23, 2006

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