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OK here we go, I am going to go over my PT stats for the month of July. I have a little more hands in than what is in PT because I did play some on a computer without it, but this will do just fine.

When I write this, I am not going to write it in a way you can follow along and do it yourself. The reason I did it this way is time. But I will provide the links on how/what was done.


Titans01’s blog post

Pokey’s How to Use PT Thread

–Thanks to Titans01 for letting us know resources like this were out there and going through it himself as a guinea pig 🙂

  • Total Hours: 42.23
  • Total Hands: 3,997
  • VPIP: 16.46
  • Amount Won: (109.18)
  • BB/100: (5.15)
  • W$SD: 45.64
  • PF Raise: 11.51
  • Total Aggression: 2.60

Sufficiant Preflop Aggression: preflop raise % that is at least 50% of your VPIP% at each position. This should apply to all but the SB.

Position VPIP PFR%
Button 25.00 20.79
CO 14.64 11.59
UTG+1 14.96 11.80
UTG 11.72 10.34
BB 8.88 5.09

Ok according to the rule on sufficiant preflop aggression all is ok in that department.

Positional Awareness: Going from UTG to the button, the VPIP progression should rise. If the button’s VPIP is 50% or more than UTG(the goal is 2x) then it is all good.

Looking at the progression I need some work. Even though this is just 4k hands I will need to keep aware of this. I need more play in the CO and maybe a hair less in UTG+1. The second area looks good. My button VPIP is barely more than twice the VPIP as my UTG.’s VPIP.

Stealing Blinds: Mine is 22.22 (goal is at least 20%) so that is good. The next step is to click a filter , take my BB/Hand statistic and times it by 100 and compare it to my normal PTBB/100. This should be more than double the PT/BB. So, 0.48*100=48 and is well more than double. As we see both these stas are fine.

Defending Blinds: My BB/Hand number is -.13. This is somewhat better than the lowpoint but I would like to turn this into a small positive if I could, but I am still within spec. The second number is for when I defended agaisnt a steal. The requirement is the same. I am at +1.29 BB/100. I am doing very well in that department.

Heads Up Play: This will look and see how I am doing when there are only me and another in the hand. As a whole I am at 4/BB 100, thats good that I am in the positive here. Then I need to filter this to look at it when I don’t raise preflop. When I am not the aggressor my BB/100 turns to -7. This shows that I am having trouble in this situation and need to keep this in mind.

Multiway Pots: My first number is -0.17. Now there is now guide given on what an ideal number would be but I am assuming the more positive the better. This needs a bit of work. With a no raise filter put in (hands I limped in) my number is the same -0.17. So it looks like I need work in this whole area. I am guessing I need better hands to be playing these multi handed pots.

Pocket Pairs: My VPIP is these is 82.04, the goal is 85% or more.This number may be a tad low because of the sample size but I will keep it in mind. Also my PFR% fits into the range with 51.46. The hands AA-88 need to be positive as well. AA-JJ are for me but TT-88 are a small negative. These hand histories need to be looked over. Also going a little further, 77 is my biggest loser and I need to pay some special attention to this.

Suited Connectors: This needs work, my BB/100 is -0.53, this number needs to be positive. Then I check cold calling with these type of hands. I have a very small sample of this, and that is what I should have. This number is good a 8.23 BB/Hand.

Unsuited Connectors: My VPIP is almost half of what it isfor my suited connectors so that is good. My BB/100 is positive at 0.25 BB/100. My cold calling is a small negative but only 2 hands have been done that way so that is also good. BUT, I can’t think of why I cold called with these 2 hands so I need to remeber to just not do so.

Preflop Aggression: My Raise+bet stats equal 46.09% (at least 40% is the goal), so that looks good. my Aggression factor equals 2.6 (at least 2 is the goal).

Check-Raising: My stats here is too low at .20, the goal is at least .50 up to 2. Looks like I need to check raise a little more when the situation could benefit.

So the things I took away from this immediatly are:

  1. Play more in the cutoff
  2. Play less in UTG+1
  3. Be more aggressive in a 1 on 1 pot.
  4. Improve my play in multiway pots. Better hands selection and getting out of the hand sooner when I know I am beat.
  5. Be more aggressive with pocket pairs. Be more careful with 88-TT, and pay special attention to 77.
  6. I need work with suited connectors. I think most of this is because when I do play them I rarely hit the flop and get out quick. So I will be more aggressive preflop with them and make sure to keep them in late position.
  7. Do not cold call any unsuited connectors at all.
  8. Remember I have the check-raise in my arsenal and use it a few more times.

Could this equal to alot of my negative numbers? I guess time will tell. Also let me know what you think, what I may have missed etc.



July 29, 2006 - Posted by | Poker

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  1. Those numbers look pretty good. I think with just a little tweaking you will be fine. I don’t know if you need to lower the UTG+1 but rather find more opportunities to raise the CO and Button ones. As far as check raising, I wouldn’t get too worried about that one especially at the lower limits. Just bet out and punish the idiots. Actually if I was going to use check raising at the low limits it would be more for semi bluffing.

    Comment by titans01 | July 31, 2006

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