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LOL, well once again sorry for no entries into the blog. I have gotten busy and haven’t had time to post or even play much poker. Saturday night however I did well in a live home game, NL STT style. Two games were played, one was a 14 player game and I came in 3rd. The second was a 10 man and I took it down for 1st. One comment was made on how well I play a big stack and that boosted my confidence a bit. I guess I am not bad with a small stack either since in the first game I came back with a dwindling stack. I was card dead the whole game, reminds me of online LOL. I played about 5 hands in about two hours and when I got small I turned to my online skills and started pushing with any two, with my tight image I got away with it easy and with the blinds somewhat high I got a playable stack in no time. It definatly is harder pschologically to push all your chips in live than it is online and while I almost fell into that pitfall myself I got knocked in the head by a devil and was told to take advantage of that fact.

Well time to sign off, unfortunatly I have to work for a living and it’s that time.



August 8, 2006 - Posted by | Poker

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