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Ok, Let’s Play

Alright, I am back from my busy days off from poker. The last couple of days I did play some, SnG’s to stay away from cash a little longer. Looks like I only cashed in 1 of 6. I played a mixture of 5.50’s and 11’s at UB. I will tell you one thing, it looks like most people have adopted the ‘optimal’ strategy of waiting for good cards and loosening up later as the blinds go up. Except for a couple here and there these people are tight and honestly that is not what I am looking for. It makes a normal SnG last forever and the patience then wears thin. Anyway, I am back from my mini vacation from the ordinary grind and ready to go back to cash games.

I hit the 25NL games tonight mixing 6 man and 10 man tables, playing 4 at a time. In 30 minutes I am up $34.20. I wouldn’t say the deck hit me in the face, I did get more starting hands than usual, but I did not hit the flops often but still took the aggressive approach. This let the pots ship my way, and I believe even made the others fear me a little becuase I quickly became the big stack at most my tables. I did not play in fear at all, I did not play weak, I played aggressive and strong and it worked out well. I lost 1 big hand that took half a buy-in and that was straight vs straight. I have to say I would play it the same again and again. Oh btw , you may ask why only 30 minutes if I was doing well…well it is dinner time as I type and need to get going. I am going to add more to the blog tonight because I have things I need to share and opinions I need gathered.


***edit, my continuation will have to wait until tomarrow.


August 9, 2006 - Posted by | Poker

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