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First a recap of another short 30 min session(hoping for another short one before bedtime). I hit 25NL tables again. This time it was all 6 man and I 3 tabled. The same as last night, I got some decent preflop hands but didn’t always hit the flop but got to ‘outplay’ my opponents. I ended up with a $52 profit before the 30 minutes were over. I think where I am getting to be a luck box the last 2 days is not the cards but table selection. I am not the best at reading what makes a good table, I am just hitting the right ones. Even though I am happy I still have the thought in the back of my mind that it will tumble down hard and fast. I hope not, I am hoping my off time cleared my head and helping me to actually play better.

My worst hand was an $11 loss.

Ultimate Bet
No Limit Holdem Ring game
Blinds: $0.10./$0.25.
5 players

Stack sizes:
UTG: $19.20
CO: $23.95
Button: $28.70
SB: $5
Hero: $37.10

Pre-flop: (5 players) Hero is BB with Q♣ Q♥
UTG folds, CO calls, Button raises to $1.1, SB folds, Hero calls, CO folds.

Flop: T♦ T♥ 3♣ ($2.55, 2 players)
Hero bets $2.55, Button calls.

Turn: 5♣ ($7.65, 2 players)
Hero bets $7.65, Button raises all-in $25.05, Hero folds.
Uncalled bets: $17.4 returned to Button.

Final pot: $22.95

I am sure he slowplayed a 10, if not gg him, good bluff.

Now onto the more personal things.

My wife has been out of work for 3 months or so. When this happened I wasn’t to worried, I figured she would have another job in no time. Well, that is not the case. She is closer and has had a promising interview and also has her resume out at other places that could be hopeful. The thing is our personal money is starting to run thin. I have a job that pays decent for the area I live but it cannot support my family with the bills and such we got forever. Unless soemthing happens in the next few months I will have to be turning the things we take for granted off such as internet,cable, etc…

Here is what I am wanting to do to help ease the burdon on my checking account. At the current stakes I play now, I would like to be able to withdraw $100 a week and keep $50 a week. So in other words I would like to make $150 a week and still add to my BR. I will not need to start withdrawing immediatly but I want to get going on this for the ‘just in case’. While this isn’t a ton of money it will stretch out some and buy us some more time, also if the BR gets bigger so will my stakes and hopefully all will be good. Now I know my track record hasn’t been the best since I started but I guess it is worth a shot. If I can keep going like I have the last few nights then it is for sure doable. Though I know it may just be the ‘poker gods’ smiling on me.
Let me know what you guys feel on this and whatnot.

Thanks guys.


August 10, 2006 - Posted by | Poker


  1. Good to see the poker is going well for you but sorry to hear about your wife. It makes me feel like an idiot for the way I blow my poker money sometimes. As far as being able to make $150/week at $25NL, that’s very doable. The biggest thing though is that it becomes a job and there is a certain amount of pressure that is going to be on you to perform. By my calculations if you played 3 tables of $25NL for 20 hours a week and averaged 250 hands per hour with a 6 PTBB/100 you would hit your $150. This is without any rakeback or bonuses so depending on how much you want to play I think you could definately do this. You could use the rakeback and bonuses towards increasing your bankroll or paying a bill. It would be nice to get it going and give yourself a cushion for a bad week or get your roll up to be able to play $50NL.

    You might also consider some casino whoring too. If there is anything I can do to help let me know. Maybe we could find some refer a friend bonuses and I could transfer you that bonus as well.

    Comment by titans01 | August 11, 2006

  2. I appreciate the comments Titans. I still have bonus and rakeback at UB so thats a plus. Also thanks for doing the math, so this gives me a goal to shoot for.
    Doing some more casino whoring sounds good too, I just need to find some more good ones.

    Comment by evilorly | August 11, 2006

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