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Well tonight I couldn’t get much going. I stayed pretty even, was up 6 bucks by dinner time. The tables were tight, mostly folding to any preflop bet. I tried every table I could and they were all the same. So I basically was up 6 on blind money. Then later on I decide to start my second session hoping the more loose folks would be around. Nope still tighter than my asshole. But what set me off tonight Is when I got pocket JJ and QQ, they BOTH ran into pocket KK. So what WAS a somewhat even night cost me two fucking buy ins, and alot of what I made the last two days.

I know it is my fault , I shouldn’t have gotten carried away with those two hands. I am probably more pissed at myself than anything. Anyway what the hell is it with the weekends? I always get hosed on the weekend but that is the only time I get real play time in!!!

This game is so fucking aggrivating, for someone like me who can’t seem to keep a steady winrate.

I am also thinking about canceling Cardrunners. The vids are great and all but they don’t seem to be helping me. Looks like a waste of $$ per month.

Also I am ending the 1K challenge, it isn’t going to happen and I have other crap to worry about.

Sorry for the cussing.

Luckily tomarrow is another day…


August 11, 2006 - Posted by | Poker


  1. Your right, some nights poker is the most frustrating thing out there and other nights it’s pure joy. I think part of it for you is probably the financial pressure outside of poker now.

    As far as Cardrunners, I would say out of the 3 coaching sites I’m a member of CR has had the biggest impact on my NL game. I recommend focusing on Muddy’s videos as he tends to play tighter than Green Plastic and has a much easier style to mimic.

    Tomorrow is a new day buddy. There is nothing you can do about today’s session other than learn from it. Don’t dwell on it and you will get those 2 buyins back. Good luck.

    Comment by titans01 | August 11, 2006

  2. Your right, tomorrow is a new day. As long as your playing solid poker, the flucuations will even them selves out in the long run…so Im told. 🙂 Just keep focused.

    Comment by PokerBen | August 12, 2006

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