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Midday Report

I played 377+ hands so far today. I saw (+) because I forgot to click on the HH button in UB on a table for a little bit. I lost a buy in early, my AK vs trip Q. I grinded that buy in back but no more than that. SO I am aways to go to get back to even. Suprisingly I am not letting the pressure of needing extra cash get to me , I actually don’t even think about it. The computer is a way for me to forget about problems for awhile, thats why I became a gaming maniac in my younger days and still enjoy them for the very same reason. I treat poker the same, I just concentrate on what is in front of me and my mind doesn’t wander. Though poker does cause problems when I lose :).

As was said, today is another day. I am going to take a break for awhile and come back for another session. I am hoping to get 3 sessions in today.


August 12, 2006 - Posted by | Poker

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  1. Good luck today.

    Comment by PokerBen | August 12, 2006

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