Learning to Crawl Before I Walk

EvilOrly\’s Poker Journey

Day Two

Today wasn’t as eventful as day one unfortunatly. The table dynamics were completely different and I could not find any that suited my needs. I immediatly went in the hole, not buy a buy in thoug, just with preflop and continuation bets. I was catching lots of decent starting hands but not catching any flops. I found out quickly that these guys did not like to fold to a c-bet. I even had a guy call me to the river on a very scary board with A2. He paired his ace on the flop but the rest of the board had straight and flush possibilities, not to mention a higher kicker would beat him easy. I had a read on the guy that he was fairly weak so i tried a bluff. He thought forever on the river and finally called. I have no clue why. No big deal though.

Once big brother came on I took a break and started a new session afterwards. Pretty much the same deal, just could not get things going. This also cause my aggresiveness to hit rock bottom so I deceided its best to call it a night. I was $17 down at one time but did come back to what I would call even…lost 10 cents. My stats are alot like last night except the winrate.

I was going to start adding in rakeback but the noobs didn’t update it today. Maybe tomarrow.

2 sessions


90 minutes

545 Hands

Profit  -$0.10


August 15, 2006 - Posted by | Poker

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