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SnG Weekend.

I am not turning to SnGs forever, just the weekend. I seem to run bad most weekends in ring games…this extended back to when I played limit games as well. So I figure I would hit up the $11’s and see how it goes. Plus the really bad last couple days I had, it won’t hurt to get away from the pressure for a couple days.  Also what got me to want to go ahead and play some SnGs was Online Ace, Scott Fischman’s book. I am about halfway through and read the whole chapter he had on SnGs. He plays about like I do except a bit tighter. I played by the book tonight just to see how it turned out. I had a busy evening with the family so only got 3 in.  two of them I played at the same time.

  1. cashed for 3rd ($20)
  2. busted out. about blinded out, very card dead.
  3. Took it for 1st ($50)
  4. $37 profit.

This has helped my goal and BR. I am still not even from the downswing but close. Considering Sunday is the last day of the first week of my goal, I hope I take down a few of these for first. Also UB screwed up last night and I got money stuck in the “real money on tables” section of the cashier. I e-mailed support tonight, I hope it gets corrected.

Somehow I screwed up and didn’t put in stats into my excel sheet on the 17th.  I think it was because of I was freaking out over UB not letting me login and I forgot. I went by the UB cashier and pokertracker to get it straightened out. With bonuses and rake I just had to adjust things until they fit what UB said, so I hope it is correct.

Also check out Pocketfives.com’s poker discussion forum. A very successful SNG player named Jennifear wil be putting on a free SnG clinic Sunday Aug. 27. It is instructed that you post in the thread and send her an e-mail.  HERE   is the link to that thread.


August 19, 2006 - Posted by | Poker

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