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UB and Good Customer Support

Lately on a certain forum I have been seeing alot of bashing of UB. Most of it is unfounded and what seems like kids whining. Well I am here to say I am happy with them. Not only did they promptly fix the small problem I had with money being stuck in the “money on table” area of the cashier but for my inconvienence they entered me into a freeroll thursday night( prize money TBA). Now this problem didn’t hinder me any and I considered it small. To me, running a freeroll for such problems is considered above and beyond and makes me a happy camper.

Other News:

  • I had a few more dollars than I had thought and adjusted my records accordingly.
  • To kill time when I do not have enough to play a serious game, I been playing 7 card stud at the .01/.02 limit. This has been really fun. I have not played the game before but glad I have started. I looked up a few tips around the net and asked Pokerben some questions. I made a decent profit today from it so far for that limit, around .50. I look forward to learning more.

August 19, 2006 - Posted by | Poker


  1. Hey man, glad you are enjoying the 7stud. Maybe we can play some more later today (sunday). GL with your freeroll.

    Comment by PokerBen | August 20, 2006

  2. I just started playing Stud myself and I really enjoy it. Hold’em is still my favorite but I think Stud helps you to develop focus and analytical skills.

    Comment by blackscribe | August 20, 2006

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