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End of Week One

It is now early Monday morning, 7 days have gone by since I started the new challenge. I ended up $105+ up. I sau “+” because my rakeback hasn’t been updated since Thursday so I have a few more dollars to add on. I didn’t make my goal of $150 but I am still happy. This is probably one of the better weeks for profit I have had and shows me that I can make my goal with a little more work. I didn’t get to play one day last week because of an internet outage and that could have made the difference right there ( could have put me in the hole too lol).

Anyway I am going to go ahead and withdraw $100 even though I said I wouldn’t unless I made the full 150. I figure this way it will help keep my wife off my back for spending more time than I normally do on the game. I don’t think she ‘gets it’ yet. I don’t think she understands how this could really help us out. I am hoping a few withdrawls will help drive the point home and let her see this is real money and not just play chips. It does kill me though to withdraw it lol, looking at my BR now it is bigger than I have ever had it.

Tonight starts the second week, wish me luck.


August 21, 2006 - Posted by | Poker


  1. Good luck man, I know you can do it.

    Comment by PokerBen | August 21, 2006

  2. At least you made the $100 which is important. The extra $50 was going to be bankroll stuffer anyways. Maybe this week you will make $200.

    I know what you mean about the wife thing. I played for over a year before my wife caught on. The turning point was last summer when we went to DisneyWorld on my poker winnings. Nowadays she is better about putting up with my playing.

    Comment by titans01 | August 21, 2006

  3. One more thing. Looking at your numbers if you made $105 in 1645 hands at $25NL then that’s pretty good. If my math is right, that’s between 12-13 PTBB/100. I think you really need to find a way to get the hand totals up. Either more tables or more time. I’m not saying that 12-13 isn’t going attainable at $25NL but that’s putting more pressure on it imo.

    Comment by titans01 | August 21, 2006

  4. I forgot to update my hands , it is actually 1,872. Remember also I played pretty much all SnGs Fri-Sun. So it isn’t all NL ring games. My goal is 500 hands per day(3500 hands per week) The internet outage I had hurt and then the SnGs.

    Comment by evilorly | August 21, 2006

  5. I understand the wife and money thing. I kept telling my wife I was making money playing poker. She was like, “sure you are”, until I showed her a $2500 neteller check. Good luck man, Im sure you can do it.


    Comment by Burt | August 21, 2006

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