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EvilOrly\’s Poker Journey

Week 2 : Day 2

I got a late start tonight, My workout at the gym ran late, Big brother came on an hour later and the WSOP main event was on as well, so I took some time and watched those shows.

Well I came out a profit today, not a huge one but it is profit. Now what stopped me from making a huge profit was small stacks. Everytime I got the goods and got to go in they had a short stack. These people really are annoying. I also played up to 6 tables today. As the tables died off I closed them out and made sure 4 kept running. This is actually doing two things to help me out. A. It is getting me more hands right from the start and B. Once the tables die off and I am running four it doesn’t feel very hectic anymore. So I believe it is helping up my number of tables I can play for long periods of time.

Im sorry my posts have been so short lately and I haven’t been posting hands. I have been running out of time and I will try to get back to those things.

Here are today’s results.

1 session for 1 hour

495 Hands

Profit $16.17

Now my weekly profit to the side wont add up right if you add yesterday and today, that is because I got a rakeback payment($36). I added that in before tonight’s winings.

Thanks for stopping by.


August 22, 2006 - Posted by | Poker

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