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Tough 2 Days to Play Poker

The last two days were rough on trying to play. Wed. I came in and my computer was screwed up so I worked on it a while. Got it going and started to play and I just couldn’t get going. I could feel it wasn’t going to be a great night so I called it quits after I bled $20. No bad beats or anything, just slow bleeding. Last night was that $5k freeroll put on by UB for customers who had problems. The automatically registered people so of course a ton of people did not show up. Thinking that was a good thing, it really wasn’t. I started at a table where three of us were present and we decided to take turns taking blinds. An hour later we finally busted the table and was up roughly 4k chips while the average stack was suppose to be around 2k. I got moved to another table, 3 of us were there. One guy wanted to share the blinds with me but the other was an asshole who wouldn’t and of course I didn’t catch any cards to play against him. They also had about 10k chips apiece. This table broke fast and I ended up at a table with 4 people present including myself. These guys were playing for real and so I had no choice, out chipped 3 to 1 I had to make moves. I finally got to move in with pocket 88, I got called bu pocket 77 and he drew out the straight. GG me. Looking back I would have prefered either everyone was present and I could have played normal or UB gave us a ticket to register with and then again everyone in the freeroll would have been playing.

I got to play a small amount before the freeroll and was up some.


August 25, 2006 - Posted by | Poker

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