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Week’s End

Well this week is almost over. I didn’t hit my 3500 hands goal but I did have a rough time fitting in some play. This weekend I did have more time but could not find a good table selection so I settled on some SnGs and MTT’s. I cashed in most my SnGs and only played one MTT that I didn’t do anything in. I also went above the $100 mark but not my $150 goal. I may play more this evening or I may not, depends on how I feel.

I also sat in on part of Jennifear’s SnG Clinic. I only sat through one SnG and quit. This was for a few reasons. One she was starting a 45man SnG next and I really didn’t want to sit through that. Another is I did not agree with much of what she had to say. I went in open minded but seeing what was going on I could not accept it. I heard she was LAG which I can deal with (I am TAG), but when she limps in with J2 UTG and catches 2 pair on the flop and calls that a good play I have to draw a line. Also she was doing this through an MSN chatroom and it was annoying trying to read and watch the game at the same time.

What else do I have to say…I am feeling weak again in my NL cash game play. I am not losing buy-ins like a month ago but I feel like I am making it to easy for people to play against me when I have nothing and I know they have nothing as well. Maybe thats what I should be doing but it feels like I am leaking money through a pinhole. What I need to do sometime soon is camtasia some of my sessions and have you guys critique the play. This way I can see if I really am being to weak or not.



August 27, 2006 - Posted by | Poker


  1. Good to see you made your $100 goal again. Maybe you need to switch sites to one with more games for more table selection. I would think the Ongame network would be good if your playing shorthanded $25NL. I’d also be willing to ghost you a session too. Not sure how much help I would be but it’s worth a shot.

    Comment by titans01 | August 27, 2006

  2. Thanks Titans
    Can you point me in the direction for some rakeback at an ongame site (no holdempoker and no pokerroom)? Since I been playing with rakeback I would hate to play without it.

    Comment by evilorly | August 27, 2006

  3. Bonuses will be worth more than rakeback for you at $25NL. You have a couple of options. PokerRoom has a reload going on right now but it ends here shortly. They claim it’s a 10x bonus but it’s actually a 7x bonus when you do it. The problem is it’s $200 worth of bonus and it might take quite a while to get that cleared at $25NL.

    Another good option is FullContactPoker. I believe if you go through bonuswhores you can get a $200 signup bonus that clears at 9x which will be between 35% – 40% rakeback. Even though it’s a $200 bonus the beauty of it that you can move over how ever much of the bonus you want in $10 increments. You can have 2 bonuses active at a time. I would probably do this bonus over PokerRoom’s because you are withdrawing money each week.

    After that PokesPoker has a bonus that works out the same way but it’s 10x clearance. They also offer rakeback there. I go through rakerebate.net for mine but you might email some other affiliates just to see if there is any better deals out there.

    Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

    Comment by titans01 | August 27, 2006

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