Learning to Crawl Before I Walk

EvilOrly\’s Poker Journey


Well my session was cut short last night. My daughter thought I should play with her most the night instead, so I guess that comes first. I will tell you how my session went though. I got hit in the face with the deck. I wish I can say my leet skills made me money but that is not the case. I am at work right now o I would look in PT to give you numbers on how many times I got premium hands. I got AA and KK and AK constantly on 4 tables. I also hit quads twice…and this is all within a 30 minute period. I did get sucked out on twice but they were by short stacks and I can’t complain because I racked up anyway.

I also had the fortune that people did call me even if I went all-in. This one hand I have to discuss, it just got set up perfectly. I got sucked out on AK vs JT, flopped my aces he rivered the straight. Anyway 2 hands later I get QQ. The same guy limps and I go all in. I figure this was perfect because if he was thinking at all he probably thought I was just tilting, and so he called. I can’t even remember right off hand what he called with, I don’t remeber it being to good of a hand. I busted him, got my money back plus some.

So thats about it, alot happened within such a short time. I wish every session could be just like this.


August 30, 2006 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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