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Moday and WillHill bonus

Well I didn’t do my normal routine today, I decided to go for the WillHIll monthly bonus.The bonus came out to 95USD somewhere around there and you have to play 1/2limit or .50/1 NL tables. This is more than I am used to and I’ll behonest I was a bit scared. I 4 tabled these and one session I played limit and another I played NL. I have to admit if it wasn’t for the bonus I would have lost my ass. I always hear this place is full of tightwads but I have to say it was the complete opposite. Maniacs everywhere and suckouts galore. I took many many bad beats and I am lucky I came out with what I did. I ended up $32 in the clear. Dissapointing considering how much the bonus was but at least it is in the positive. If the bonus goes back to the normal amount I am not sure that I will try it. The lower amount won’t cover all those suckouts.

I played some FCP and made almost a buy in as well this morning.

Well that was pretty much all I did today.


September 4, 2006 - Posted by | Poker

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