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Well Monday I took off completely and didn’t even think about poker. Today I came back and did a bonus at grandbay, a Prima site. This place has a refer a friend bonus added onto a deposit bonus. I believe its 30 for each and 100 raked hands wins them both. I got a referal from a friend at Cardrunners, I played .50/1 Limit and with bonus and winnings I am 86 bucks richer. I won’t add this onto my sidebar until they actually release the funds to my account. Also I didn’t have PT to record hands so my hand totals will be inaccurate. Now this is Prima and in the begining of my poker career I hated it, but tonight I loved it. I am a better player now and I 3 tabled this on my laptop in mini view and the players were some of the worst I ever seen! I took some bad beats of course with such bad players but they also paid you off with anything! They called preflop raises with any 2 and would often call to the river with bottom pair. I loved it! Now I hear the NL play is similar at Prima but honestly that scares mebecause I seem to lose a ton of money against those kinds lol. Anyway this makes me think about going for that Prima rakback offer some of us know about.

Well I am going to sign off for now, catch ya later.


September 6, 2006 - Posted by | Poker Blogs

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