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No Poker, but a Workout.


No poker tonight due to unforseen circumstances. I am biting at the bit to play so hopefully tomarrow will bring more free time.


key: set x rep (poundage)

Ok as promised here was my modified Westside Workout today.

Max Effort Lift: Bench Press with the bar starting near my chest 1×5(225), 1×5(245), 1×5(255), 1×5(265), 1×5(275)

I will explain this. I bench pressed inside a power rack today with the pins set near my chest so that I start the lift at the bottom of the movement instead of the top. Why? you may ask…My “sticking point” in this lift is in the bottom area. When I go for a max, if I get stuck it is neat my chest, so doing this will help strengthen that part of the movement.

I also have to say this was a bitch. My shoulders were killing me after this. Also I am damn proud I got 275 for 5 with this. Starting at the bottom is hard as hell.

Supplemental Lift: Incline DB Bench-4×10 (50’s). Yes 50lb DB’s are awful light compared to what I had just done but my shoulders couldn’t take much more at the time.

Horizontal Row: Bentover Barbell Rows- 1×6 (135), 1×6(155), 1×6(175), 1×6(185), 1×6(195), 1×6(205). I am a little dissapointed in this lift, I would like it to be near if not the same as my bench.

Rear Delt/Upper Back Work: Rope Pulls to Throat- 3×10(45) – another weak lift but I was wore out, this will get better as I get used to the work load.

Ab Work: I chose a couple of different ab excercises and did 3×10. I despise ab work.

For now this will be 3 days a week with the weights. Tomarrow I will try to get in a cardio routine and hit a leg routine Wed.

Also a look into the near future..Saturday me and a buddy will be getting together(hopefully every saturday) and doing various GPP work. We will be pulling wheelbarrow bodies filled with sandbags up hills, dragging accross rough terrain, and anything else we can think of with bardge rope. We will also be using the bags to do farmers walks and fireman carries.

Well thats it for now, thanks.


September 11, 2006 - Posted by | Poker

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